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Exterior House Painting Services

Exterior House Painting Services

When you look at your house from the outside, what do you see? Do you see something that’s missing a little bit of its luster? You may not have the budget to completely redo your house, but you can alter its looks radically with our exterior house painting services.

Give your home a facelift with an excellent exterior house painting service which will give it a renewed curb appeal. Our specialist team of experienced painters give excellent service along with superior outcomes to rejuvenate your house exterior.

Exterior House Painting Services by Painting Rich Smith

Whether you are just looking to paint your home and freshen up its look or you would like to try something new, painting the outside of your property will make it instantly stick out from the neighbors. If you’re trying to sell your house, painting is the quickest and most effective way to boost the value of your residence.

However, an exterior paint job is a tricky procedure. If you’re not a seasoned house painter, you might encounter some issues. Painting Rich Smith’s exterior house painting services are unmatched in their ability to offer an excellent paint job that also provides you access to continuing support and specialist painters.

Professional Exterior House Painting Near You

Transform the exterior of your home with new paint from top to bottom, everything in the front door into the dividers into the porch and into the walls themselves. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to enhance your home’s exterior curb appeal! 

While there are various strategies to enhance the exterior of your home, painting it with a new color is often the biggest bang for your buck. Painting Rich Smith’s experienced interior and exterior home painters are prepared to help you every step along the way, from ordering and selecting paint colors and scheduling the painters, to completing your painting project perfectly.

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When considering an exterior home painting project and whether you need to DIY or hire, ask yourself these questions. Do I have all the essential equipment? Do I wish to take the risk? Can I take my time and do a fantastic job? Only if you answer yes to all those questions, should you consider a DIY exterior paint job.

Painting Rich Smith home painters have 15 years of home painting experience. They are licensed and insured, and specialists in painting. In addition to that, we back all our jobs with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. What have you got to lose?

Kinds of Exterior Painting Services

Painting Rich Smith’s staff of dependable exterior house painting professionals will handle your list of exterior painting jobs. They know how to do the job right with years of experience painting a wide variety of materials and surfaces, such as:




Exterior house painting is the most effective means to raise the curb appeal of your property. Painting Rich Smith makes it easier than ever to give your house a complete makeover without any hassle, headaches, or anxieties. Our team of highly experienced exterior house painting professionals provide the highest quality results so that you receive a final product you can be truly proud of.

Boost Your House’s Curb Appeal Immediately with a Fresh Coat of Paint

The quickest way to up the curb appeal of your dwelling? A fresh coat of paint or stain. At Painting Rich Smith, we participate in exterior home services which produce an impact. Contacting one of our residential painting specialists means that there will be no hassle and no mess for you and your loved ones. Our teams are highly recommended and can assist with everything from pressure washing to paint choice.

Painting and Staining

Painting and Staining

EPA Lead Certified

n Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Stucco Repairs and Painting

Stucco Repairs and Painting

Power Washing

Power Washing

Fence Painting

There’s a lot that goes into painting the outside of a home. It will probably take longer than a weekend. Therefore, if you aren’t ready to manage the following, you might choose to hire a professional to manage all your home painting needs.

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Our Home Exterior Painting Process

Our exterior house painting procedure varies by task but typically follow our proven four-step system:

1. Preparation

  • Remove debris and dirt.
  • Fix broken items. This Step includes eliminating water damaged wood, replacing broken or weathered trim, repairing broken siding slats and much more.
  • Sand to remove old paint or stain.
  • Clean. Pressure wash or hand-wash surfaces.

2. Prime

  • Apply high-quality Exterior primer to prepare the surface for paint.

3. Paint

  • Paint surfaces with the desired exterior paint. This may take several coats.


The foreman for your team will carefully inspect the finished project to ensure it meets our high standards before we ask you to review the job to get a last sign-off at completion.

Exterior Paint Colors

When deciding to paint your house, frequently among the first steps would be to choose your paint color. There are several elements to consider when choosing which color to paint the exterior of your house.


Your surroundings will influence which paint Colors you would like to paint on the outside. If your home is covered by plenty of shade, you might think a lighter color. However, if you would like to blend into the trees, then you might want a darker color. It’s essential to consider how you would like your home’s exterior to match its surroundings.


Maybe you have a Victorian-style house or a traditional colonial. Both of them are very different architectural styles with unique peaks and accents. But your home is constructed, colors can help draw attention to particular architectural details.

Present Colors

Your roof, your driveway, your gravel, Your mulch isn’t likely to change colors when you paint. Consider how you would like your exterior house paint colors to highlight these features of your dwelling.


Paint Makes All the Difference

There’s nothing like a new coat of stain or paint to instantly improve the appearance of your property. From touching trim to complete exterior home painting, there is no job that Painting Rich Smith specialists can’t tackle.

Let our exterior painters transform your house with a fresh coat of paint!

Exterior Residential Painting Related Services

Painting Rich Smith offers a complete collection of related solutions, including deck restoration, concrete cleaning, and pressure washing. These services are provided in tandem with center painting and staining and assist our teams to get the best result for every job. 

Carpentry Services to Complement Exterior Home Painting

Before painting, it is important to deal with any necessary repairs or updates. From trim installation to fixing deck slats and replacing rotten wood, painting staff can tackle all minor carpentry service requirements. 

Trust Us for Your Next Exterior Painting Project

Exterior house painting is time-consuming and needs attention to detail to ensure the maximum quality results. You can expect us at Painting Rich Smith to meet and exceed your expectations with our precision-based exterior house painting process for your next project.

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